1. THE GUIDE BOOK WORTH WAITING FOR - A MUST FOR ALL PHILATELISTS .The most comprehensive & up to date reference guide book (with cross reference numbers of PhiIcent, Philatelic & Stanley Gibbons catalogues.
  2. Double Size: Laminated soft cover. Printed in multicolour on 128 pages (equivalent to 256 pages of standard catalogues) of art paper with almost 100% more matter
  3. BRITISH INDIA: Includes Elaborate sections on: Early India Cancellations (with illustrations of different types) as well as India used abroad in some detail. Complete listing with complete  illustrations of all stamps with pricing of: stamps inducting all known errors & watermark varieties: telegraphs stamps; postal stationery; postal service; I.P.N. Azad Hind & Chalo Delhi; Lady Minto Fete. Complete listing with pricing of : booklets. Also elaborate sections (with/without part pricing & listing) on. postal history, Handstruck stamps ,essays,  proofs & specimens, &  introductory sections on: Air mail, rocket mail & pigeonogrammes,  balloon flight, metre franking; slogans and special postmarks; local overprints; specimen safety markings & perfins;  labels and seals (without postal validity).
  4. POST INDEPENDENCE INDIA 1947 to April 2014: Complete listing with complete illustrations of all stamps (excluding shades only): of Commemoratives, definitives, officials & military stamps, se-tenants, miniature sheets, panes, sheetlets, (first day covers-without illustrations) introductory sections on:  personalised stamps, maxim, and greeting cards.
  5. INDIAN PRINCELY STATES: Introduction to the states & their Stamps
  6. INDIA &  INDIAN PRINCELY STATES: Introduction to the states & their Fiscal adhesives & Stamp Papers; Crests; Cheques & Hundis

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